LIL' PROS - ages 4+  



Youngsters learn different fundamental movement skills including stances, throwing, catching and striking that are the foundations of tennis specific shots. This is combined with tennis technique and modified tennis equipment. 30 minute class, size limit: 4 children per class. 


Kids can begin learning to play in a smaller court size using larger and softer red balls. They then progress through orange and green compression balls as well as increased court size preparing them for the yellow ball and full court. 30 minute class, size limit: 4 children per class. 45 minute class, size limit: 6 children per class.


For those who want a personalised lesson, yet enjoy the company of playing tennis with another player, then this is the lesson for you. Semi Private Coaching sessions give you the best of both worlds! This is ideal for people wanting to have a lesson with their friends or siblings of a similar ability. Reduce costs whilst still receiving personal time with a coach. Class size limit: 2 students per class / 30min, 3 students per class / 45min. 


For the ultimate flexibility to improve your game, Individual and Private Coaching provides a one on one environment with a specialised coach to work on all facets of the game, tailored to your individual needs. The program caters for all ages and all skill levels. Length of lesson can be catered to the individuals needs with standard private lessons running for half hour or hour sessions each week. One on one individualised attention is the most effective way to improve technical development as a player. As a result, students tend to advance faster in a private lesson.

Having 3 or 4 private lessons is highly recommended for anyone learning tennis for the first time.  This allows the coach to teach you the basics so you can join into a group lesson with people of a similar age and not feel like a complete beginner.

Spots are limited, and are generally booked on a term basis.